About Us

The Blendz started as a family business based on our own needs. Through travel, allergies, but also through illness, we learned how pure food can have a huge positive effect on how you feel, both physically and mentally. We only had trouble combining our healthy lifestyle with a busy city life. Growing up, healthy food options were limited. Although there was smoothie shops around to grab something quick on the go, the drinks were always made with unhealthy ingredients and full of sugar. Tired of drinking sugary blends, it was time to bring something new to town. Something was missing. That something turned out to be The Blendz: a place where you can eat your plate empty to the bottom without any worries. Guilt free smoothies and perfect fruit juices. Every bite and sip contributes to your health and that of the earth. The Blendz is for everyone who wants to eat and live healthier, cleaner and more conscious. We wants to inspire you and learn how good healthy food can be.

Our Misson

We dream a lot about the future. From ourselves, our children-coming and the nature around us. We at The Blendz especially dream of a world where everyone has access to pure food. We are on a mission to make healthy and sustainable food accessible to as many people as possible. So everyone wants and can make a habit of healthy. Admittedly, that is a pretty big dream. Fortunately, it is again our nature to realize dreams step by step. Where do you start? Well, in the Udaipur, Rajasthan. We are faced with the question hundreds of times a year: what will I eat which is healthy? Suppose you fill in that question as often as possible with organic, unprocessed and local food. All those years and the Mewar added up is good for nature and your health. A single salad, so many benefits.

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